Rob Dehlinger

California Boogie - 4-Song E.P.

The Alpha Rhythm Kings' EP, "California Boogie", featuring their exciting original arrangement of "Oh Marie", is was released on November 24, 2017.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Awesome Jingle Mix, Vol. 1 - 22 Track Album

A fun collection of jingles that Rob created for the "Skywalking Through Neverland" podcast.  The first ever podcast soundtrack!

Songs For My Friends, Volume 1 - 26-song Album!

Rob wrote and recorded one song a week for an entire year, each about a different friend.  "Songs For My Friends, Volume 1" contains one half of these 52 musical portraits.

Psychological Archeology - Single

Rob's composition featuring George Lucas' spoken word wisdom about the nature of art.

Santa Claus - Single

"Santa Claus", by Whack Magic, is guaranteed to help your holiday spirit get it's groove on.  Who knew Santa was so FUNKY?  

Built to Last - Single

Rapper Kiid Fame joins the band for this exciting track from Whack Magic.

Life As a Joy Ride - Single

Rob Dehlinger's nod to retro lounge, a la Combustible Edison.

Sock It To Me - 13-Song Album

Stompy Jones, vintage jump-blues band, with Rob on trumpet and backing vocals. 

That's Alright! - 14-Song Album

Jump-blues retro band Stompy Jones, featuring Rob Dehlinger on trumpet and backing vocals, with a hot 14-song offering.

Avocado Igloo - 6-Song E.P.

An album by The Circadians, a band that featured some of Rob's singing, songwriting, and instrumental performance along with Gordon Root and others.