California Boogie

The Alpha Rhythm Kings' EP, "California Boogie", featuring their exciting original arrangement of "Oh Marie", is was released on November 24, 2017.

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"California Boogie", the debut EP from the Alpha Rhythm Kings, showcases the swinging group paying homage to some of their musical heroes.

The opening number, "Oh Marie", is a brand new arrangement of the classic Italian song, reminiscent of the late great Louis Prima.
Next is the title track, "California Boogie", an original song inspired by Latino-American 1940's swing artist Don Tosti.  

"Something For Sellers", named in honor of actor Peter Sellers, is a cover of the vintage lounge cha-cha from Henry Mancini's "Pink Panther" soundtrack.  

Finishing out the EP is "Boo Woo Woo", a classic boogie-woogie number originally recorded by legendary trumpeter Harry James.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Awesome Jingle Mix, Vol. 1

A fun collection of jingles that Rob created for the "Skywalking Through Neverland" podcast.  The first ever podcast soundtrack!

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Songs For My Friends, Volume 1

Rob wrote and recorded one song a week for an entire year, each about a different friend.  "Songs For My Friends, Volume 1" contains one half of these 52 musical portraits.


Psychological Archeology

Rob's composition featuring George Lucas' spoken word wisdom about the nature of art.

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Santa Claus

"Santa Claus", by Whack Magic, is guaranteed to help your holiday spirit get it's groove on.  Who knew Santa was so FUNKY?  

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Built to Last

Rapper Kiid Fame joins the band for this exciting track from Whack Magic.

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Life As a Joy Ride

Rob Dehlinger's nod to retro lounge, a la Combustible Edison.

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Sock It To Me

Stompy Jones, vintage jump-blues band, with Rob on trumpet and backing vocals. 

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A 13-song album by vintage jump-blues band, Stompy Jones.  Features Rob Dehlinger on trumpet and backing vocals.

That's Alright!

Jump-blues retro band Stompy Jones, featuring Rob Dehlinger on trumpet and backing vocals, with a hot 14-song offering.

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Jump-blues retro band Stompy Jones, featuring Rob Dehlinger on trumpet and backing vocals, with a hot 14-song offering.

Avocado Igloo

An album by The Circadians, a band that featured some of Rob's singing, songwriting, and instrumental performance along with Gordon Root and others.

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Six rock-influenced songs co-written and co-performed by Rob Dehlinger.