"Rob Dehlinger is an exhilarating, charismatic trumpet player. His intoxicating playing bursts with flying colors. He is also a dynamic front man, his singing brimming with blue-eyed soul."

 - Jazz Corner


"That was fantastic...  I loved it!  It's better than when Neil Diamond wrote about ET!"

- Anthony Breznican  (Senior Writer, Entertainment Weekly)


“Dehlinger’s seedy trumpet fuels “Oh Marie” with the kind of dangerous edge that conjures vivid images of drunken speakeasies. Dehlinger’s singing is magnetic. ” 

- Jazz Corner


"The Alpha Rhythm Kings are amazing!"

- Ashley Eckstein (Actress, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and Fashion Designer, Her Universe)


     " Trumpeter/vocalist Rob Dehlinger commands the group with charm and addictive joy."

- No Depression Magazine       


“I was so excited to see Rob Dehlinger front his new band, the Alpha Rhythm Kings... What a great group of musicians, with a great sound. Dancers take note...!” 

— Susan Glatzer  (Director, "Alive and Kicking")


"Probably the best (musical) introduction I have ever received in my life!  My hat is off to him.  Robert...that was excellent."

- Stephen Stanton (Voice actor, "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", "Life Itself", "Star Wars: Rebels")


"I sent your excellent 'Tribute to Marty' to Richard Sherman (legendary Disney songwriter).  ...I really enjoyed your excellent version!"

- Marty Sklar (Author and head of Disney Imagineering)


 "Dehlinger sings like a street corner watch salesman as he jives around..."

- Jazz Weekly


"You've got something. I knew Miles and Trane.  They had something.  You've got something."

- George Russell (Composer, MacArthur Fellow, and Rob's former teacher)


"No one's ever written a theme song for me before.  ...Great!...Wonderful!"

- James Kahn (Author, "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" novelization",  Screenwriter, "Star Trek: The Next Generation", producer of TV show "Melrose Place")


"I got chills... You reminded me so much of my father."

- Lena Prima (Vocalist, daughter of treasured trumpeter/singer Louis Prima)


"Your music...I very much enjoyed it."

- Van Dyke Parks (Songwriter/Singer, famed Brian Wilson/Beach Boys collaborator)


"Oh! That (Rob's music) was killer! You're going to have to send it to me so that I can play it when I wake up every morning. ..I love it man, that's great!"

- Mark Dodson (Voice actor, "Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi", "Gremlins")

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